Yo puse las canciones en tu walkman, el tiempo a mi me puso en otro lado.
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Anatomy of Songs [wronghands]

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Penoso abrir mi Dashboard de Tumblr en publico con tanto contenido porno 😱😆

Mi versión liquida #Susana #CocaCola #Wiiii

Mi versión liquida #Susana #CocaCola #Wiiii

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People I obsesses with:

↳Gonzalo Higuain

"After the last game, the affection and love from the people and from my teammates was spectacular. That makes me really happy. It makes me proud and it means I did the things well. I was touched by 80.000 people asking me to stay. It was spectacular. They’re asking me to stay because…well, because they’re asking me to. I came here to have some rest and I want to disconnect. It was a tough year."

Vamos Argentina!!!! Oh higuain 💜

Vamos Argentina!!!! Oh higuain 💜

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Vamos Alemania!!!

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